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January 02. 2014
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How To Select A Product

With so many options, how do you decide which one is the best match for you?

We use an informal checklist when considering a CMS or addon product:

  • The product must be stable, actively developed and supported by its authors.
  • Many websites should use the product. Verify this by searching on various search engines and looking at how others have used the product.
  • The sites should be similar in size to the one you expect to have.
  • The features on these sites should work properly and not generate any errors.
  • We like to see an active forum community where users support each other.
  • The forum messages should not contain a significant number of problem reports.
  • The general tone of the forum should be positive (keeping in mind that often 1 or 2 people are never happy).
  • It must be relatively easy to learn the product and create a site (not highly technical).
  • The web server requirements must not be overly strict or use nonstandard server modules.
  • The scripts and their installation structure should be reasonably secure with no obvious vulnerabilities for hackers.
  • Products that have a history of vulnerabilities exploited by hackers should probably be avoided.
  • Products that have had a few vulnerabilities that were fixed or resolved quickly can still be an excellent choice.

Ideally whatever product you select will pass all or most of these tests. If it does not, consider whether that limitation is important.