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January 02. 2014
Content Management Solutions

How Does a CMS Work

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software package you use to maintain your web site content and display the information to site visitors.

The CMS products we use are all software programs or scripts that run on your website server. The software is loaded onto the server and runs on the server's computer (yes a server is a computer). The CMS is accessed using your internet browser.

Your web site content is all the information presented to your visitors. This is the text and formatting on all the pages, images, multimedia, and files available for download. The CMS normally includes editing and file management features to modify, add, move, or delete page content.

All the web page elements that are not content are the template. The template is set up once and creates the consistent look and feel of your site that is shared by all the pages of your site. Any change to the template design is updated instantly on all the pages of your site. Once the template is set up it usually does not need frequent changes.

Both the content and template are stored on your web server.

The site administrator makes changes to your site using a browser to access the CMS.

When a visitor requests a web page from your site, the CMS program combines the template and the required content to create the page. The CMS also generates the page links menu.

Any visitor input such as selecting a different page, site search, site map, or accepting form input is handled by the built-in features of the CMS.

Very powerful features can also be added to your site and controlled by the CMS. Customization or addon products can provide features such as image galleries, rotating banners, display advertising, quotes of the day, news feeds from other sites, or just about any other feature you can imagine.