Chrysalis Services

Why Use A CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) can be a very good choice for both self-maintained sites and sites where maintenance is done by others.

What are the advantages of a CMS:

  • Your site has a unique look that is consistent across all pages (for improved usability).
  • Visitors can access all the features provided by the CMS and any addon products.
  • You can modify, add and delete pages using the built-in browser based editor.
  • Adding, deleting or moving a page does not affect any other page.
  • When individual pages are added, moved or deleted the page navigation menu links are automatically adjusted on all pages of your site.
  • Website design changes are instantly updated on all website pages. This encourages minor problems to be fixed rather than "lived with".

What are the disadvantages of a CMS:

  • Some can be difficult (or at least very technical) to install and set up.
  • The page contents may only exist on your web server making backups slightly more difficult. Products that use MySQL databases to store their information are generally more difficult to backup than text based systems.
  • Scripts (computer programs) run all these products, and they may require occasional updates to remain secure (hacker proof).