Chrysalis Services

Why Not CMSimple

For some websites CMSimple is not the best CMS choice. There are a whole range of reasons why other products might offer a better match:

  • If a specific feature is missing that is very important but handled well in another CMS then this must be considered.
  • CMSimple does not support powerful administration features such as multiple administrators, user rolls or groups, digital rights management, delayed distribution or content expiry dates.
  • If visitors need to enroll as members and have page viewing restrictions based on their group rights, then you should be looking at a different product.
  • There are other CMS products better suited to applications aimed at communities (such as portals and blogs) where visitors need to contribute content or comment on existing articles.

There are many alternative GPL and commercial products available (see the Links section). Any product you consider should be evaluated against our how to select a product checklist.