Chrysalis Services

Why CMSimple

CMSimple is our favorite CMS product because it provides simple but effective features for website administrators and visitors. In our opinion it is an excellent choice for most web sites.

Here's why CMSimple is our product of choice:

  • It passes the tests in the product selection checklist.
  • It is powerful enough to run most small to medium size sites.
    (The largest site we know of is with 167 unique pages listed on Google for the English language site as of November, 2007).
  • There are personal, charity, association, journal, company and government websites using CMSimple. This product would also be a good choice for internal projects running on company intranets.
  • The software is easy for the administrator to learn and use (very small learning curve).
  • It is possible for site owners to maintain their own content.
  • A variety of WYSIWYG content editors are supported.
  • Many built-in features can be included or removed as required.
  • Multiple language support allows you to serve your visitors in their language of choice using a single website template.
  • The URLs of all pages are search engine friendly so most pages of your site will get indexed. Check out the Google listing for this site.
  • Low cost shared server web hosting accounts can be used to serve the site.
  • It is one of the easiest CMS products to enhance or to integrate with other addon products.
  • The program is small enough that it should not need frequent updates after it is installed.

In our opinion CMSimple would likely work very well for about 95% of all informational websites.