Chrysalis Services


Chrysalis Services provides a full range of web solutions services.

We provide any or all of the services required to create and run a successful CMS or HTML based web site.

Projects of any size are welcome (subject to certain minimum charges on very small jobs). There are no standard "packages".

Site Planning

The initial planning for your site is very important. The result should be a clear focus for the site and an expected budget.

Planning is mostly up to you, but we can help too. You will need to know:

  • WHO do you want to attract to your site?
  • WHAT benefit will they gain from visiting your site and what features do you want to offer them? What budget is required to create the initial site and maintain it once it is launched?
  • WHEN when do you want to launch your site?
  • WHERE where will visitors learn that you have a site?
  • WHY will current and prospective customers want to visit your site?
  • HOW will your site be created within the existing budget?


A web hosting account is required to run your site and serve it to your visitors. The host also provides some level of email services.

We can set up a new hosting account for you, or verify that your existing account provides all features required to run the CMS software.

A variety of hosting accounts are available at different prices.

CMS Installation

The software for the CMS, your site template and any addon products must be installed and configured on the server.

Once the software is set up it should be tested to ensure your administrator does not have any problems.

Website Templates

We can design a page template for you or use an existing one. Ready-made templates are available from a variety of sources, or you can create one yourself.

Once a template is designed, the scripting language must be added. This directs the CMS to include the various elements in the correct positions on the page.

Content Creation

It is really best if you write most of the page content. Nobody understands your business better than you.

If you would prefer, we can use information you provide and create the content for the pages. We can also make any changes to images you want to include.

It is often most cost effective to have us create the pages on the initial site and maintain it once it is active.

Content Conversion

If you have an existing website, the page content can be converted to the format required for your new CMS system.

Page content can be extracted from a CMS or pure HTML based system that you want to abandon.

Addon Integration

Your CMS or HTML based website can include almost any type of extra features using addon products and services.

Many of these products are highly customizable and can be "skinned" to match the look of your site. Some are easier than others to integrate into an existing CMS product or HTML site.

For example, we have extended the standard CMSimple features by adding multiple RSS news feeds to our site in the Latest Industry News section.

We can evaluate, install, customize and test almost any product you want to use. If you know of a desirable feature, we can try to locate a product.

Customization and Additions

The existing features of a CMS can usually be modified to work exactly the way you need them. This customization may make your site easier to use or create a more powerful effect.

New features can be added for the same reason. The most common new feature is form processing code to handle surveys or customer feedback pages.

Let us know what you need.

Site Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of an existing website is overlooked by most organizations.

Page content information usually needs periodic updates, and photo images may need to be replaced if you have seasonal events.

The CMS and addon products should be checked occasionally to be certain there are no vulnerabilities that need fixing.

The content should have regular backups off the website server.

We can provide ongoing site maintenance as required or through some type of maintenance contract.

Site Promotion

Site promotion is required to attract visitors. There is a multi-million dollar industry dedicated to this market.

For the rest of us, there are a number of low cost solutions we can provide that will help increase your website popularity and position in search engine lists.

Contract Programming

Custom program development in PHP is available for server based features.

Database design and implementation for MySQL is also offered.

Other Services

Requests for any other type of service are welcome.