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CMSimple Related Links

The official CMSimple website, and the CMSimple Support Forum.

The CMSimple page structure is search engine friendly and is deeply indexed by the major search engines. Try the search yourself on Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Alternative CMS Products To Consider

These are other CMS products you might want to consider. Each has features that are not available in CMSimple. Unfortunately the added features often make them more difficult to set up, enhance and back up.

CMS Made Simple includes both multi-user and group management permission features. The software is actively developed and supported by an experienced team.

Sources of Information About Other CMS Products

OpenSourceCMS lists many of the most popular Open Source CMS products and has a working demo of each (sadly the CMSimple listing and demo have been removed). The ratings should be used as a guide only, do your own investigation.

Wikipedia listing of Open Source and Commercial Content Management Systems.

This Google search returns a grab bag of comments, reactions, lists and reviews of open source CMS products.