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Definitions of some terms used on this site.

The person who makes changes to the website using the Content Management System. Some CMS products permit only one administrator, others allow multiple people to control various parts of the same site.
AGPL / Affero General Public License
Please see Open Source Software.
CMS / Content Management System
A CMS is software that runs on your website server and manages all the elements of your website. The site template and content are stored by this system and combined to properly display each website page request. Changes are made by the site administrator using a web browser.
Web site content is all the information presented to your visitors. This is the headings and text on all the pages, images, multimedia, and files available for download.
GPL / GNU GPL / General Public License
Please see Open Source Software.
HTML / HyperText Markup Language
This language describes the layout of each page of your website. The HTML commands are interpreted by your browser so that you can view the properly formatted page.
Look & Feel
This is the consistent design scheme used on all pages of your site. It is created by the CMS when the template and content are combined to create each page. This design consistency makes it easier for users to locate site information.
A database management system that allows multiple users to access and modify information at the same time. The program runs on a web server.
Open Source Software
The terms Open Source, General Public License, GPL and AGPL are roughly equivalent. The software may be used without charge for most applications as long as a link to the author remains in place. Some licensing models include a payment mechanism to remove the author link. Some authors add other restrictions. The software may not be included and sold as part of a commercial software product.
Page Links
The page links menu contains all the pages on the site (except for hidden pages). Page links may be positioned on the left or right side of the template, or be displayed horizontally in dropdown menus near the top of the page.
A computer programming language used by many open source software developers to develop web based applications. PHP software usually runs on a web server.
Most CMS products have a scripting language that can be included in the page content to change the way an individual page is displayed. This is a type of software.
The CMS is a software program, often written in the PHP programing language. The script is also a type of computer software
The template is the common page header, footer and graphic elements shared by all the pages of your site. This is used by the CMS to creates the consistent look and feel on all pages.
The person who looks after the technical details of your web site; activities such as software installation and configuration, setting up email accounts, and site backups.