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January 02. 2014
Content Management Solutions

How Can We Help You?

Chrysalis Services provides web solutions using Content Management System (CMS) software and addon products.

Now you can have a feature rich website at a reasonable cost using selected Open Source and General Public License (GPL) software.

CMSimple is our favorite CMS product because it includes the mix of features most users want. For web sites with more demanding feature requirements, there are many other CMS packages to choose from.

Extra features can be added to almost any CMS using addon products from other authors.

Existing CMS features can be customized or entirely new features created to match your requirements. Software development in both PHP and MySQL is available.

Chrysalis Services offers services and solutions for small requests through to full management and maintenance of your web site. We have skills that benefit web site owners, designers, administrators, hosting providers and web software development companies.

We're the ideal partner if your website needs to be planned, designed, converted, customized, maintained, integrated, promoted or resuscitated.

We want to work with you! Please contact us today to discuss your website requirements.